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Taking Time

By January 10, 2023March 29th, 2023No Comments

Today, I caught myself rushing through a task, I would normally enjoy. Even if I was having fun, I felt an urge to rush it. Why?

This is most likely caused by bad habits, and outside pressure of doing everything faster and faster. But, those are not good reasons, for me.

Taking time to do things. Taking a project through the steps of making. Make mistakes along the way, especially while creating something new. Try new ideas. Let it sit for a minute. Work on the details. Explore new tools. There are a million good reasons to slow down.

I remind myself to resist the temptation of rushing! There is no end to this game. You speed through this project and do the same with the next one. Then, what? Another one? Enjoy each step of the process and make it worthwhile. Have fun creating, not just achieving.