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As part of my practice, I often create custom typefaces (lettering) for my clients. This one is an ongoing project. I am building a full font set. As, you can see below, it is quite geometrical. Every letter fits within the same space, in both width and height.

(WIP) To be continued…

In a Box

As creatives, we have to be careful not to get trapped in a box.

We have to option to choose between blending in or standing out. The option to follow the trends or go agains’t them. The option to listen to all opinions or to ignore them. Of course, there is an in between to all of these options but, this can be a serious challenge. No matter what, in the end, we have the option to choose between fitting in a box,… or not.

Let’s be creative and embrace our uniqueness.


I’ve been sketching and drawing a lot lately. All sorts of lettering and doodles. “Water” should probably be represented in a fluid way but… I like this imaginative variation. Playing with word association. Forcing myself to question it from the very start.