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Sketches from my notebook, iPad, or even drawn on napkins, occasionally. Ideas are piling up everywhere. Characters, graffitis, lettering,… All sort of mind freeing illustrative work from my sketchbook.

Nature Observations – Untitled

I have been reading a lot, lately. Books about: spirituality, philosophy, poetry,… One of the common theme is the connection with nature. While reading all of this inspirational content, I have been sketching a lot very minimalistic organic shapes. Intentionally reducing the busyness while looking at the details, of the surrounding elements.

I feel that I will be sharing more of those.

In a Box

As creatives, we have to be careful not to get trapped in a box.

We have to option to choose between blending in or standing out. The option to follow the trends or go agains’t them. The option to listen to all opinions or to ignore them. Of course, there is an in between to all of these options but, this can be a serious challenge. No matter what, in the end, we have the option to choose between fitting in a box,… or not.

Let’s be creative and embrace our uniqueness.

Trust Me!

Doodling. Another fun activity to keep the creative flow rolling. Done with no intention. I take a piece of paper (or the iPad) and draw an imaginary character. The less I know what I want to do upfront, the more fun I have. I see it as improvising with a pen.

Here’s an example.